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WELCOME to our second digital issue of The Bridge. Here we bring together stories and resources to inspire and assist intergenerational, collaborative and dynamic evangelisation in Australia. We especially greet those who are new to our newsletter from evangelisation, lay ministry, women and youth networks. We thank you all for the ongoing support.

In this issue Dr Maeve Heaney highlights the importance of witness in word, while in the Catholic Enquiry Centre feature article, I explore how Pope Francis is calling for a renewal in accompaniment. We hear from Natalia Teguhputri and Michael Mangan, who share how they evangelise in their everyday work life. We also explore parish renewal opportunities in light of the Cowra Parish’s recent experiences, hear from Dr Trudy Dantis on the latest demographics tool for every parish and introduce the Vatican’s new parish guidelines foMalcolm Hartr evangelisation.  

We continue to pray for all those who are variously affected by COVID-19. We would be delighted to hear your thoughts on our new digital version of this resource (info@nce.catholic.org.au).

Every blessing,
Malcolm Hart, NCE Director

Four young women talking

There! I have put my words into your mouth

Why can our words be so powerful, especially when spoken at just the right time? Dr Maeve Louise Heaney VDMF writes of the importance of attentive listening, and then trusting the Holy Spirit as we speak our words.

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Natalia Teguhputri at her desk

When faith and finance intersect:
Natalia Teguhputri

Natalia’s dad inspired her to have a heart for the poor. Read how she combines her financial skills and Catholic faith to bring dignity to those requiring the basic necessities of life.

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Dr Trudy Dantis

Parish Social Profiles: Tools for the evangelising mission of parishes

Have you ever researched the demographics of your parish? Dr Trudy Dantis, Director of the National Centre for Pastoral Research, together with Sophy Morley (Sale Diocese) and Fr Troy Bobbin (Queanbeyan, NSW) explain why the Parish Social Profiles are so useful.

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Michael Mangan and band

Music & evangelisation: Michael Mangan

The saying goes, that to sing is to pray twice. Michael Mangan, well-known composer and performer, explains how music is one of our most powerful evangelisation strategies.

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Parishioners from Cowra Parish, NSW

Hospitality, stability and Alpha!
Cowra Parish

How would your parish respond if the Bishop asked you to consider evaluating some new initiatives in order to revitalise your parish? Read how Cowra Parish took up the challenge to do just that.

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People at Mass

Parish at the service of evangelisation

This new Instruction was released by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy on 20 July 2020. While this document does not promulgate new legislation, it does offer guidance and encouragement on a number of issues key to parish life.

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5 people walking with each other

Accompaniment: Sacred ground, sacred mission

Pope Francis reminds us to be grounded in the simple and beautiful act of accompanying each other. Malcolm Hart, Director of the NCE, explores key elements of walking a journey of faith with another.

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