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WELCOME to our August 2021 edition of The Bridge, where we continue to share stories and reflections on communities, resources and the people of God seeking to evangelise Australia.

In this issue we continue to hear of initiatives and resources inspired by the Holy Spirit which support current restricted living arrangements. With the release of the ACBC Men’s Gathering resources, we meet a group of men in regional Victoria who have grown in faith through online gatherings. We reflect on the opportunities for evangelising at home via the gaming consoles in 97 per cent of households with children, and a Catholic Mass on free-to-air television. We hear from a Sydney parish which has merged three communities into one with the help of its new Archdiocesan resource, "Go Make Disciples". We celebrate the gifts of lay ecclesial communities in Australia and hear of the joys and challenges of grandparents and the elderly. We also highlight Faith Journey, a resource which offers spiritual reflection on the human experience. 

The staff of the Bishops Conference pray for the safety and wellbeing of all while we face this pandemic. 

Every blessing,

Malcolm Hart
Director, National Centre for Evangelisation

Ecclesial Communities

Ecclesial Communities Gather

On July 20 more than 50 groups took part in an online national consultation with Catholic ecclesial communities and lay movements. Almost 100 representatives of those groups explored ways of identifying, networking and supporting communities into the future.

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Mass For You at Home: An Evangelisation Opportunity

With renewed production of the Mass for You at Home ministry, we are all offered an opportunity to sustain our prayer and worship life from home, but also presented with a new tool and opportunity for evangelisation.

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An introduction to the world of video games

In a 2018 study by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA), it was found that 97 per cent of households with children have computer games, and 80 per cent of those own more than one game device. Is this a good thing?. 

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Honouring grandparents and the elderly

On the last weekend in July, grandparents and the elderly were honoured in parishes across the world. In keeping with this special celebration, the National Centre for Evangelisation connected with a small group of older Catholics to seek their wisdom and to ask about their faith, their joys and the challenges they now face.​​​​​

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Men’s group a ‘lifeline’ during pandemic restrictions

For many Catholic communities the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted regular parish gatherings. But in the Victorian town of Echuca, the limitations imposed by lockdowns have spurred on a parish men’s group. 

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Faith Journey

Faith Journey: A resource for enquirers and faith sharers

Faith Journey, a resource from the National Centre for Evangelisation (NCE), offers a spiritual reflection on current topics and human experiences, encouraging the reader to make sense of these in light of their own journey of faith.

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City South

Partners in mission: Sydney City South Parish

The amalgamation of three parishes to form Sydney City South Parish is proving to be a positive story, resulting from careful pastoral planning, the goodwill of all involved and the fortuitous arrival of the Sydney Archdiocese’s new mission plan, “Go Make Disciples”.​​​​​

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