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WELCOME to our October 2021 edition of The Bridge, where we continue to share stories and reflections on communities, resources and the people of God seeking to evangelise Australia.

In this issue of The Bridge we share the stories of local leaders in outreach, formation and building unity. We also explore online life, either streaming content or participating in conferences. This collection of articles hopes to broaden understandings of evangelisation, where it can occur and how it is lived; and to show how local, small gatherings can connect and build on international, national or even online initiatives. We explore what it means to live out our faith in what we watch, how we parent, how we share our faith in the broader community, or even how we can be called to renewal after so many years in ministry. 

We hope you enjoy this collection of articles and find a connection point to encourage your witness and evangelisation in daily life. 

Every blessing,

Malcolm Hart
Director, National Centre for Evangelisation


Re-imagining local World Youth Days

“All young people must feel that they are cared for by the Church. Therefore, may the entire Church on a worldwide level, in union with the Successor of Peter, be more and more committed to young people, to their concerns and worries and to their aspirations and hopes, so as to meet their expectations by communicating the certainty that is Christ, the Truth that is Christ, the love that is Christ...” (John Paul II, to the College of Cardinals and Members of the Roman Curia for Christmas, 20 December 1985).

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Navigating streaming services

Today, virtually anyone with access to the internet can watch anything they wish, whenever and wherever they want. But what challenges does this convenience of having unlimited realms of video content at your fingertips present, particularly for parents and families, and for society?

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Terry Lees

Terry Lees: On mission for God

In September, the National Centre for Evangelisation interviewed Terry Lees from Mount Isa. Terry is well known in his local community and has been described by Bishop Timothy Harris as "an extraordinary individual whose faith underpins his every word and work". 

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Leaders now, and of the future

In mid-August, 10 young women from across Australia were “Zoomed” into their virtual classroom with Australian Catholic University (ACU) lecturer Dr Maeve Louise Heaney VDMF. For four days, the participants of the Leadership for Mission program engaged in the topic of “Theology for the future: Reimagining leadership”.​​​​​

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Spirit-led ecclesial communities unite

It is one of the strengths, and indeed the beauty, of Catholicism that we can embrace different expressions of our faith. Many people find that expression within the context of a parish community, while others find it within what we call ecclesial communities.

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Online conferencing

Catholic conferences: Is the future online?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to pivot in nearly every aspect of our lives. Lockdowns and limitations on local and international travel have required us to shift a number of our daily activities to an online version of what we would normally have done in-person.

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