Wendy Stuart: A journey back home

Wendy Stuart

For as long as she can remember, Wendy Stuart has been on a journey of faith. This journey has seen her travel full circle, from being baptised into the Catholic faith as an infant, to over a decade as a member of the Unification Church, to participating in spiritual movements and then Protestantism, and finally a return to Catholicism.

Claire Conaghty: Pastoral ministry in Port Pirie


Claire Conaghty has tried her hand at many jobs, including police officer and aged care worker. However, it is in her current dual roles of pastoral associate for St Mark’s Cathedral Parish in Port Pirie and the clergy care coordinator for the diocese where Claire feels most at home. It is here where she has combined her loves of rural living, caring for people, parish life and Jesus.

Pastoral Ministry Network: Serving those who serve

PMNIn the late 1980s, the abundance of lay ministers in leadership begged the question: How could these people be supported to work dynamically alongside ordained ministers? In response, the NSW Association of Pastors and Pastoral Associates (NAPPA) was formally established in 1995 with the support of the then-titled Catholic Leaders of Religious Institutes (CLRI) and the bishops of New South Wales. In recent years, NAPPA has become a national association, now known as the Pastoral Ministry Network (PMN).

Laity given “groundbreaking” role in new Bishops Council


The recently appointed members of the new Council for Evangelisation, Laity and Ministry believe their role advising several Australian Catholic bishops is “groundbreaking” and an enormous source of hope for future collaboration between clergy and laity.

Coffee initiative transforming lives in regional communities

Cooee for Coffee

Almost five years ago, the Bishops of Australia made an earnest plea to support the disadvantaged members of the community in the 2017-18 Social Justice Statement Everyone’s Business: Developing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy:

“As people of the Gospel, we have to be concerned about growing inequality, and especially about the situation of the more vulnerable in our community. Among them are the lowest-paid in the workforce, those forced to subsist on meagre income support, people suffering housing stress and homelessness, and our Indigenous brothers and sisters who continue to endure chronic levels of hardship.”

Thinking about conversion in the RCIA process


When a person enquires about the possibility of becoming a Catholic, there is usually something stirring in their heart providing the impetus for them to make contact. Tapping into these early stirrings, and nurturing them, is the role of the entire parish, and specifically the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) team, the clergy and the godparents.

Australian Catholics embracing Laudato Si’ platform

Laudato Si Action Platform

Australian parishes, religious communities and schools are joining other groups from around the world in pursuit of achieving total sustainability by signing up for the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

Bringing faith to the playing field


Helene O’Neill admits that when she was a child, she would choose to play sport rather than attend Mass before school with her brother. Now, she’s seeking to share her Catholic faith with the multitude of people who devote their Sundays to physical exercise.

Evangelising during Lent: Project Compassion at Caritas Australia


For centuries, Lent has been a time for walking the way of the cross. Sometimes this happens inside a church as Christians move quietly around 14 stations depicted on the walls. In their hearts, they share experiences with someone close to them who may be sick or suffering in some way. Other times, it happens in more public settings, as when congregations gather from different denominations to acknowledge the journey they share with each other and with Jesus.

Young evangelisers spreading the Gospel through religious art


During the renowned Marian apparitions of Lourdes and Fatima, God entrusted children with the task of helping to evangelise the world. Today, in a smaller but similar manner, children in Australia are evangelising their families and communities through religious art.

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