Becoming a Catholic (RCIA)

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults: Study Edition and Ritual Edition
Both of these books are essential resources for parishes offering the RCIA process. Available from a number of Catholic bookshops.






 Call & Response: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith
A resource from the Catholic Enquiry Centre explaining the basics of the Catholic faith.






 Call & Response: RCIA Companion Manual for Facilitators
This free download is designed to be used in conjunction with the book Call and Response: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith. It is an aid for those responsible for facilitating catechetical formation for catechumens and candidates during the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It is not necessary for RCIA participants to have a copy of the Companion Manual.




At Home with God’s People
A learning resource for Catechumenate groups and Catholics seeking to understand the teachings of the Catholic Church.




Catholic Faith Brochure

Catholic Faith Brochure
This simple, tri-fold brochure serves as a basic introduction to the Catholic faith, and can be printed and distributed by individuals, parishes and groups. Please note that the material remains as the property of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, and may not be modified in any way without the written consent of the owner.



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