Who We Are

The National Centre for Evangelisation is at the service of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in Australia. We seek to liaise with different dioceses, groups and individuals within the Catholic Church in Australia involved in sharing this Good News. We offer formation opportunities, develop resources, and share information about the resources and events others are offering. We are especially concerned to connect those who are wanting to learn more about the Catholic faith with local programs and pastoral support. We have close links with the Christian Initiation Australia Network (CIAN) in its leadership of those engaged in guiding new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

Besides offering support and formation in the related areas of evangelisation, faith formation and spirituality, our purpose is to connect with and support individuals and groups who are already involved in these important ministries, or who would like to be so.

Our Mandate
To assist in the formation and resourcing of Catholics as they seek to live out their baptismal and confirmational call to proclaim the presence of Jesus Christ ‘holy in their hearts’ [1 Peter 1:15].

To provide a quality response to Catholics returning to the practice of their faith and to those currently not members of the Catholic Church.

Our Vision Statement
A guiding light for agents and seekers of faith.

Our Mission Statement
We exist to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ as expressed by the Catholic tradition. We engage with dioceses and agencies to enhance our shared evangelisation endeavours. We model an engagement with seekers and enquirers that is respectful, authentic and open. We reach out and respond to the disillusioned and the disconnected as a matter of priority. We have a truth to speak and we are mindful of God’s presence in the world. We undertake our mission in the spirit of servant leadership with Jesus Christ at the centre of all that we do.

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